Claire's Bread and Deli


Pizza and Pud Kit. Build and cook your own Pizza - Friday evening treat.


Everyting you need to make your own dinner! Children's pizza and pudding kit. Let your children decorate the pizza, and pop it in the oven to cook. 

A handmade and hand stretched 7" sour dough base with a fresh tomato sauce.

Your choice of toppings to add yourself.

Choose from the following:

Charlie Cheese: Cheese and Tomato

Peter Pepperoni: Cheese and pepperoni

Harry Ham: Cheese and ham

Mary Mushroom: Cheese and mushroom.

For pudding-  a box of 4 all butter shortbread little people biscuits with a choice of decoration colours:

Bertie Biscuit - ideal for boys

Betty Biscuit - ideal for girls.


Pizza Type: Charlie Cheese

Pudding option: Bertie Biscuit